People love pets. And by all accounts, pets love us back. They are sad when we are away, and excited when we return. They enjoying spending time with us: they play with us, sleep with us, and even kiss us on the lips! 
Know The Difference
Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households include at least one dog, and thirty-four percent include one or more cats. Sadly, many people who enjoy the special bond they share with their pet are unwittingly supporting Animal Rights organizations, such as PETA or HSUS.  Most are unaware that these organizations contribute little or nothing to the welfare of homeless animals, and are, in many cases, actively opposed to keeping pets for companionship.
Animal Welfare
An Animal Welfare organization is one that is commited to helping adopt homeless pets, treat and foster pets that have been injured or abused,  or subsidize low-cost spay/neuter programs to help curb rampant pet overpopulation.  These organizations (and the pets they rescue,) deserve your support!
Animal Rights
An Animal Rights organization is one that is commited to granting all animals the same rights as people- under the law.  These are organizations with a political adgenda- one that includes an end to fishing and hunting, an end to life-saving animal experimentation, and an end to raising animals for any reason,(including for food.)The funds raised by these organizations go towards political lobbying  and propaganda campaigns to further their cause- NOT towards helping homelss pets.
Love pets?  Then just say "NO!" to Animal Rights!
If you love pets, and especially if you share your home with a purebred pet, you have reason to be concerned. Powerful Animal Rights groups all over America are hard at work pushing legislation that will rob people of their right to own or raise animals.  Although these groups claim to target "puppy mills," the laws they push actually target ALL breeders in a thinly veiled effort to end the practice of keeping pets for enjoyment and companionship.
Think PETA rescues homeless pets?
Think again!  Less than 1% of PETA's multi-million dollar budget is spent on helping animals.  Worse still, PETA has killed more than 14,000 pets since 1998- thats 80% of the animals they took in. 

Less than 20% of the pets were adopted. 

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Don't be fooled by the propaganda.
If you care about homeless animals, PLEASE donate your time or money to Animal Welfare organizations, such as your local humane association.  But if you drink milk or eat meat, wear wool or leather, fish for recreation; if you enjoy aquariums or zoos, or if you seek medical treatment when you are sick; or if you simply cherish the company of a pet- don't let Animal Rights organizations use your money to take your freedom away!
Know Where Your Donation Is Going
Before your drop a dollar into the donation box at PETCO or other retail store, find out where your money is going.  You just might be surprised to find it isn't going to save homeless pets at all!  It may be going towards furthering a political adgenda you don't agree with.  So don't be a victim of guilt.  Educate yourself and make sure your money is going where it's really needed- towards helping pets!

Love a Purebred- Thank a Breeder!
"....we believe it would have been
in the animal's best interest if the
institution of "pet keeping" never
existed.  Their lives are restricted
to human homes where they must
obey commands and can only eat,
drink, and even urinate, when
humans allow them to." 

source: PETA website

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